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International Removals FAQ

1.    When should I contact International Removal Companies to organise my International removal.    
2.    How do I arrange for a quotation for my forthcoming international removal?    
3.    How are the removal costs calculated?    
4.    What will the removal quote include?    
5.    What will the removal quote exclude? 
6.    How much notice must I give to book a date for packing and collection?    
7.    When do I pay for my international removal?     
8.    Who will be my contact at IMOVE?     
9.    What happens when my shipment arrives at its destination?
10.  What advice can you give me on planning my international removal?
11.  Are there any items I should not include in my shipment?
12.  Can I pack myself?
13.  Can IMOVE Store my goods prior to being shipped?
14.  Does IMOVE employ qualified international packers?
15.  How can I protect my International shipment?

1. When should I contact International Removal companies to organise my overseas move?

IMOVE recommend that you begin your search for a qualified international removal company at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to your intended removal date. This will allow enough time to obtain competitive quotations and make all the arrangements.

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2. How do I arrange for a quotation for my forthcoming international removal?

Either click on our request a quote link on the right, or call us FREE on 0800-998-7024 to discuss your requirements.

We can arrange a free no obligation home survey if required. One of our experienced estimators will visit you to assess the volume of the goods you wish to move. He will discuss all aspects of your move such as any specialist crating requirements, access at your property, parking suspensions or permits. It will be very helpful if you have a clear idea of exactly the items you wish to move or store. However he will be able to provide quotes for any number of alternatives if required

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3. How are the removal costs calculated?

Quotes are based on the total volume of your goods. Volume is either in cubic feet or cubic meters.

To calculate the volume of any given item multiply the length, width and height in feet to give the total cubic foot of the item. Quotes are based on the Ocean freight costs, destination agents charges, labour costs, packing, material costs, fuel costs, and vehicle standing costs, plus incidentals if applicable such as crating, and parking suspension costs.

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4 What will the removal cost include?

Quotes typically include the following:

  • Full export packing and wrapping service by our trained staff
  • Supply packing materials
  • UK haulage costs from your residence to the port via our warehouse if necessary
  • Export customs clearance and preparation of Bills of Lading
  • Ocean freight charges to destination port, port terminal charges at destination
  • Customs clearance charges at destination
  • Delivery to residence of normal access, delivery up to 1st floor
  • Full unwrapping of furniture and disposal of packing materials.

However no two moves are the same, and our quote will be tailored to your requirements. Some quotes will exclude all charges at destination if you opt for a ’Port Only’ shipment.

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5. What will the removal cost exclude?

Quotes exclude the following:

  • Storage charges at origin and at destination
  • Import duties and taxes,
  • Goods and services tax (GST) in Australia
  • Quarantine examination charges, In Australia & New Zealand
  • Steam cleaning charges
  • Cargo dues in South Africa
  • Dock rent and demurrage charges
  • Handyman or maid services
  • Transhipment charges, hoist charges etc, due to bad access at destination address

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6. How much notice must I give to book a date for packing and collection?

We recommend that you give a minimum of two weeks notice, however if this is not possible we will do our best to book your preferred dates. Ideally as soon as you have you removal dates you should secure your booking with us. We will require you to complete as fully as possible the ’acceptance of quotation’ that accompanied your quote and return to us to secure your dates, this can also be completed online via our web site, just click onto the accept a quote button on the right to be directed to the form.

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7. When do I pay for my international removal?

We will invoice you when we receive your acceptance of quotation, Payment should be made prior or on collection of your goods. We accept payment by cheque, debit or credit card, and internet banking direct to our account.

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8. Who will be my contact at IMOVE?

When you entrust IMOVE with your overseas removal you will be allocated a personal move coordinator.

Your move coordinator will be your point of contact via direct dial telephone and personal email from acceptance of quotation to packing day and right through to delivery in your destination country.

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9. What happens when my shipment arrives at its destination?

Our appointed destination agent will contact you to arrange customs clearance and quarantine clearance.

Once you shipment is customs cleared they will arrange a suitable date for delivery of you possessions in your new home.

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10. What advice can you give me on planning my overseas move?

As soon as you know that you are going to be moving overseas start to think about separating the items you want to sell, store, ship, dispose, of or give away. It is a good idea to have in mind the items you wish to ship prior to requesting your quotations. Contact your chosen overseas removal companies at least two to three months prior to move date for a quotation. As moving day approaches separate the items you will need for to take with you and place them safely where there is no likelyhood of them being packed. Items such as passports, travel tickets, valuables, jewelry, medicines etc

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11. Are them any items I should not include in my overseas shipment?

  • Inflammable goods and substances
  • Firearms and Ammunition
  • Plants, Seeds, & Plant Material
  • All Foodstuffs, Perishables or otherwise
  • *Alcohol, narcotics and dangerous goods
  • Pornography
  • Feathers, furs, skins, tusks from endangered species; other items are subject to treatment.  

This is not an exhaustive list, and different countries have different regulations. It is advisable to check the regulations appertaining in your country of destination. These are provided with international quotation.

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12. Can I pack myself?

If you wish to pack yourself we will provide you if requested with all the materials you need. We do however strongly recommend that you take advantage of our professional packing service. We employ highly qualified staff to perform this skilled task. Our clients often wish to pack a few personal items themselves. Cartons and packing materials can be delivered to you in advance of the removal so that this can be done at your leisure.

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13. Can IMOVE store my goods prior to being shipped?

IMOVE can if required store your household goods either prior to being shipped or long term for those goods you many wish to leave in the UK. Our storage facility is HM Customs approved, and security protected. Many countries require you to being in the Country to clear you goods when they arrive, so if you are traveling prior to your arrival in your destination country, storage may well be required prior to shipment. We can then arrange shipment of your goods to coincide with your arrival overseas.

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14. Does IMOVE employ qualified international packers?

The most important aspect of any international move is the quality of the packing of your possessions.

All of our packers are trained to international standards in export packing skills. They will use the very latest packing techniques and materials to ensure your possessions reach their destination in exactly the same condition as when they left the UK.

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15. How can I protect my international shipment?

IMOVE International provides a very high quality service in the handling of your household goods and personal effects.  We take care to select the best possible agents to complete the delivery of your effects in the destination country.

However, the risks of moving goods around the world are many and varied and are frequently beyond our control.

For this reason it is advisable to protect your belongings for a sum equivalent to their replacement value at destination.

For that reason we offer the following: Standard Liability This is the option that we recommend.

Under this option we accept liability for any loss or damage to your effects until delivery to your chosen destination.

You will need to pay the appropriate premium and complete an ’Overseas Removal Valuation Form’.

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Imove International Removals Ltd is rated 4.43 stars by based on 81 merchant reviews

4.43 / 5 Rating
81 Reviews
We used this company for our move from London to Auckland (NZ). The experience was really good at first, but when we received our boxes in Auckland, one was missing with parts for our baby's cot. At first they wouldnt want to hear anything as I didnt subscribe to an insurance (I didnt complain about the various things that arrived broken, but i thought delivering all the 25 boxes without missing one was the bare minimum we could expect from a moving company), I then had to escalate and speak to someone higher in the hierarchy, they first told me that they would cover the cost for replacing the cot...and then went silent. After 2 months I had to send them an email every week to have an update and it was always "we ll come back in a few days" (of course they did not) ... more than 2 months after my complaint (and 6 months after they collected the boxes in London to send them to Auckland) we are now left without a cot bed for our 10 month old baby and we have to buy another one for £300 as they cant replace the parts or even refund the cost. Needless to say that I am very disappointed, we paid top money for that move hoping it would go well but not only did they lose a box but the interaction to try and get a refund was very slow and painful. There are so many other moving companies, I would strongly advise to go with someone else.
This company is SHOCKING. Lots of hidden costs - about £1000 - long delays and rude when they don’t ignore you. Which is most of the time. AVOID AVOID AVOID
I wanted to take a few items of new furniture to my house in Spain which I couldn't buy out there. As it wasn't a full move I needed a 'groupage' service. I had several quotes and whilst IMove was in line with the others on price more or less I chose them solely on the basis of their reviews. Whilst there were a few horrors they seemed to receive 5star reviews pretty consistently. There was one poor review in particular which concerned me so I asked Aaron what had happened and he was very happy to give me Imove's side of the story in detail. He came across as very open and transparent and I believed him. There are always 2 sides to a story so if you are thinking of using IMove and are concerned by a bad review my advice is ask them about it. Moving on Aaron and then Michaela were both superb. Professional but friendly and once I was committed Michaela kept in regular touch always updating me when she said she would and generally going the extra mile to keep me informed. The crews at both ends were also friendly, polite and treated my furniture with care. So all in all I would certainly recommend IMove and wouldn't hesitate to use them again. Thanks guys! Ros