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Removals to Australia

Removals to Australia? If you are moving to Australia you will need the services of an international removals company specialising in shipping and international removals to Australia?  Whether you are shipping just excess luggage, a few bits of furniture or have a full household to move Imove has the service to assist you.

Imove arrange shipping and international removals to Australian ports in: Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Fremantle for Perth, and Sydney, from these major ports we can deliver to anywhere in Australia: Canberra, Cairns, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong, Geelong, Townsville and all of Australia.

Complete our online quote form for a free removals to Australia quote  or call one of our friendly move co-ordinators FREE on 0800-998-7024 to discuss your requirements.

Our removals to Australia service include a share a container service, dedicated sole use container service and air freight all at very competitive costs. We can arrange collection of your goods from all over the UK and Western Europe.So if you are moving to Australia call Imove for a professional and reliable relocation service to all of Australia. 

Removals to Australia Service:

When planning an international removal to Australia you will need to consider how much do you want to send, how much do you want to pay, and whether you want a full packing service, partial packing service, or whether you intend to pack everything yourselves. Then there are budget constraints, how much you have to spend on the removal and shipping costs. That’s where the Imove Move Coordinator can help and be on hand to answer all those questions and work with you to arrange your removals to Australia on time and within your budget.

Sole use Container and Share a Container Removals to Australia:

When it comes to removals to Australia, you will have the choice of either shipping your goods in a sole use dedicated container or by a share a container service. The service chosen largely depends on the volume of the goods to be shipped measured in either cubic feet or cubic metres.

Generally if you are moving all of the contents of a 3, 4 or 5 bed house you will need either a 20’ or 40&r squo; shipping container.  The contents of smaller properties can be shipped on a share a container service (sometimes called a part load service) or in a sole use dedicated container.
An average sized single garage stacked top to bottom from front to back will hold as much as a 20’ container, similarly an average size double garage will hold as much as a 40’ container.

Sole Use Container.
Depending upon the volume of the goods you want to move to Australia we will order a 20’ 40’ or 40’ high cube shipping container. Packing will take from two to four days at your residence and the container loaded on the final packing day when moving to Australia. The shipping container will normally be loaded at your residence (access permitting) then transported to the port to be shipped. On arrival in Australia your container will be transferred to our agent’s warehouse for customs clearance and AQIS inspection. Once clearance is obtained you goods will be delivered, unloaded, unwrapped and the waste packing materials disposed of.  Transit time for a sole use container will be 8 – 10 weeks’ door to door.

Share a Container:
A shared container service is also referred to as a groupage service, or part load. If you have less than a full container load, you can ship your belongings to Australia using a groupage service when it comes to international removals to Australia. You will only pay for the space your goods take up in the container. Costs are there less than a full container load, as all costs are shared amongst the shippers in the container. You should allow a transit time of 10 – 14 weeks’ door to door.

Export Packing Service:
Imove provide an expert export packing service in your home to prepare your household goods, furniture and personal effects when you consider moving to Australia. Using specialist packing materials we will carefully wrap and pack your items for safe transit. Take a look at our export packing gallery here.

Australia Quarantine and Inspection Service - AQIS
Australia’s unique environment and important agricultural industries are free from many pests and diseases found in other parts of the world. However, the movement of personal effects can create a pathway for the introduction of exotic pests or diseases.

For example, outdoor furniture could hide timber pests, or be contaminated with soil that contains pathogens or exotic weed seeds not currently found in Australia. Animal products such as meat, eggs, milk or cheese could contain diseases that can be transmitted to humans and other animals. Ornaments decorated with animal or plant products or seeds could introduce a disease pathogen. Similarly, food residues and used fruit or egg cartons can harbour unseen pests and/or pathogens.

All consignments of personal effects entering Australia are subject to some form of quarantine intervention before they can be released. Because of the risks associated with personal effects when it comes to international removals to Australia, you must advise the department of specific items in your consignment. If deemed necessary, the department will undertake an inspection of your goods. If required, the department may ask that some items are treated before they can be released. If treatment is not possible the department may seize and destroy prohibited items, or ask that they be exported out of Australia.

Usually AQIS fees will not be included in a quote for your removals to Australia as fees are charged on a time spent basis are personal to you and your liability for the items imported into Australia.

Removals to Australia Costs:

The below costs for removals to Australia are guidelines only and will be dependent upon the items you wish to ship, your collection address, any special packing requirements. Ocean freight rates, and exchange rates at the time. Costs will also depend on your delivery address in Australia, the further your address is from the port of arrival in Australia the bigger the costs.

The estimated costs below include all of our international removals to Australia services export wrapping and packing, preparation of inventory, ocean freight, customs clearance and delivery to residence in Australia. Door to door.

100cuft 2.8cbm   £640
250cuft 7.07cbm   £1300
500cuft 14.14 cbm 1/2 20’ container £2250
20’ sole use container 28cbm 1000cuft £3200 to £3500
40’ sole use container 56cbm 2000cuft £5400 to £5800
40’ sole use 1000cuft plus a motor car 28cbm plus car  

£4800 to £5100









For a free no obligation personal quote for your removal to Australia complete our quotation request form or to discuss your requirements call one of our friendly move coordinators FREE on 0800-998-7024.

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4.53 / 5 Rating
72 Reviews
Fantastic service all round. Very professional and kept me inormed at all times
I booked this company in good faith as they claim to be experts to removals to Spain from the UK. They failed to wrap my expensive furniture, art work and mirrors on collection and I had to stop them for loading them into the van until I wrapped them myself as best as I could and at my own expense. I also made it clear when I booked the job that I leaved in the mountain in Andalucia and asked whether they could do the job; they assured me that there would not any problem. It turned out that when the stuff was supposed to be delivered to the property, the van driver which was hired was totally inexperienced at driving on mountain roads and the van booked was simply too big; half of my stuff was left on the side of the road in the dust and under the sun for hours as my husband was left to watch over it whilst the driver tried to deliver half to the house. When time came to deliver the second half, the driver refused to do so and all the goods were loaded back to the van to be taken to a storage area some 200 kms away. The following day Imove International advised me that they could not find another driver to deliver to the house and that I would have to organise collection at my own expense. I am extremely disappointed with the service given and I would advise anyone to avoid this company like the plague! I would not even give a 1 star rating...
Made the process of organising the move easy.