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Shipping to India? Are you moving to India, returning home or furnishing a holiday home and want to ship furniture, household goods or personal effects to India? You will need an experienced International removals company who provide a regular shipping to India service. 

Imove International removals and freight shipping to India: New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Cochin, Goa, Kerala and all of India.
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IMOVE provides specialist International removals and furniture shipping to all of India, from a small baggage shipment to a full house removal, motorbikes and motor cars. Imove can arrange a share a container service or your own dedicated container for shipping to  India. We can arrange collection of your furniture and removal goods from all of the UK and Western Europe.

When planning your move to India there are many considerations to take into account; such as how much do you want to send, how much do you want to pay, and whether you want a full packing service, partial packing service, or whether you intend to pack everything yourselves. Then there are budget constraints, how much you have to spend on the removal and shipping costs. Do you want to take your car or motorbike with you, if so what are the costs and documentation requirements. That’s where the Imove Move Coordinator can help and be on hand to answer all those questions and work with you to arrange the shipping on time and within your budget.

Our experienced Move coordinators will plan everything for you from providing the initial quotation, packing and collection right through to delivery to your new home in India. When planning furniture shipping to India we can quote you for:

Baggage Shipping/excess luggage shipping to India.
Less than a container load/Groupage/part load service
Full Container Loads (FCL)
Self pack & Load Container shipping  

Personal and Household effects, shipping to India customs rules:

Indian nationals, foreign nationals including those of Indian origin, transferring their residence to India or coming to India on employment, can import their personal effects and household goods into India under. Transfer of Residence rules subject to the following conditions.
A. Owner of the goods must have lived / stayed abroad for a minimum period of 2 years and must be transferring his / her residence to India. Indian nationals must not have visited India for more than six months in the preceding two years.
B. Foreign nationals must have a resident / business / work / entry visa.
C. Goods must be shipped out within 30 days of arrival of the owner into India. If there is a delay then goods can be cleared only if the delay is condoned by the customs authorities. Every case is decided on its merits.
D. Owner or his or her family members should not have availed Transfer of Residence Concessions in the preceding 3 years.  

When shipping to India the owner’s presence is required in India for customs clearance:

A. All goods can be custom cleared only after arrival of owner of the goods into India.
B. Owner’s personal presence is generally a must and is advisable.
C. In case owner cannot be present, a power of attorney can be executed in in the clearance agent’s favour.
D. Completed customs forms should be duly signed and attested to ensure smooth custom clearance.  

Documents Required for Shipping to India

Inventory (listing serial numbers of electrical appliances)
Foodstuff imports: Foreign nationals can import foodstuff in their main household goods shipment duty free up to a limit of Rs. 50,000/= (USD 1100/=)

Import of Alcohol, Spirits etc.: Import duties on alcohol, wines, spirits, etc. are very high in India (approx. 160 % + fine & penalty). Hence it is not advisable to ship wine & liquor into India. However if it is a must to ship then you will need to complete an alcohol inventory with details of Brand, Type of Liquor, Quantity, Alcohol Content, Purchase Price etc. It is also advisable to pack them separately and load them at the back of the container near the doors to enable easy retrieval for customs inspection.

Shipping to India Restricted / Prohibited goods:

Pornographic material,
Obscene literature,
Wildlife items like ivory, horns etc.
And firearms, ammunition and other weapons.  

Duration for Clearance of FCL Shipments:

Shipping to India: Customs examination: Generally all import consignments are physically inspected 100% as per Indian customs regulations.

Unloading & Placement of container in Customs bonded warehouse: Day 1, 2 & 3 Customs Inspection and assessment of duty: Day 4

Payment of duty and release of goods: Day 5

Delivery in same city as POE & unpacking of goods: Day 6 & 7

Delivery in different city as POE: Add 2 to 3 days Duration for Clearance of LCL

(The above information is based on the average duration taken for clearance & delivery. The actual time can be less than or more than the above)

When shipping to India to ensure smooth clearance at customs, we suggest that all major electronic appliances be loaded at the back of the container and their make, model no, serial number and quantity be listed and ready for submission to customs.

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Imove International Removals Ltd is rated 4.40 stars by based on 83 merchant reviews

4.40 / 5 Rating
83 Reviews
Very simple and the guys excellent
Bad experience with iMove. They said we would need 2 extra men because of difficult access and unnecessarily charged us extra. But the men that turned up said no extra help was required. But Nikki didn't care and wouldn't refund us. This topped up an overall bad experience anyway. They (Nikki) did not once call to update us on where our goods were or to inform us of delivery date. I had to follow up each time and got canned and even rude responses to these queries. Would not use again.
We used this company for our move from London to Auckland (NZ). The experience was really good at first, but when we received our boxes in Auckland, one was missing with parts for our baby's cot. At first they wouldnt want to hear anything as I didnt subscribe to an insurance (I didnt complain about the various things that arrived broken, but i thought delivering all the 25 boxes without missing one was the bare minimum we could expect from a moving company), I then had to escalate and speak to someone higher in the hierarchy, they first told me that they would cover the cost for replacing the cot...and then went silent. After 2 months I had to send them an email every week to have an update and it was always "we ll come back in a few days" (of course they did not) ... more than 2 months after my complaint (and 6 months after they collected the boxes in London to send them to Auckland) we are now left without a cot bed for our 10 month old baby and we have to buy another one for £300 as they cant replace the parts or even refund the cost. Needless to say that I am very disappointed, we paid top money for that move hoping it would go well but not only did they lose a box but the interaction to try and get a refund was very slow and painful. There are so many other moving companies, I would strongly advise to go with someone else.