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Imove provides a shipping to New Zealand service for household goods, furniture and personal effects. We can assist with full house removals, or just a few items. Imove can arrange a share a container service or your own dedicated container for shipping to New Zealand. We can arrange collection of your goods from all over the UK and Western Europe.   

When planning your move to New Zealand you will need to consider how much do you want to send, how much do you want to pay, and whether you want a full packing service, partial packing service, or whether you intend to pack everything yourselves. Then there are budget constraints, how much you have to spend on the removal and shipping costs. That’s where the Imove Move Coordinator can help and be on hand to answer all those questions and work with you to arrange the shipping to New Zealand on time and within your budget.

You will have the choice of either shipping your goods in a sole use dedicated container or by a share a container service. The service chosen largely depends on the volume of the goods to be shipped to New Zealand measured in either cubic feet or cubic metres.

Generally if you are shipping all of the contents of a 3, 4 or 5 bed house you will need either a 20’ or 40’ shipping container.  The contents of smaller properties can be shipped on a share a container service (sometimes called a part load service) or in a sole use dedicated container.

When shipping to New Zealand in a sole use container it a good idea to obtain an accurate assessment of the volume of the goods to be shipped in the container, in order to obtain the best price possible for the removal and shipping of your household goods.  Most International Removal Companies offer a free survey by a trained removal surveyor. Imove offer this service, it is free of charge and without obligation on your part. 

Full Container Load / Sole use container:

Depending upon the volume of household goods and personal affects you are intending to ship to New Zealand you will need either a 20ft or 40ft container.  Your household goods and personal effects will be export wrapped and packed at your residence and loaded directly into the shipping container. The container will be transported directly to the docks and loaded on the next available vessel. Transit time is between 12 to 15 days.  On arrival you goods will be customs cleared and delivered to your New Zealand residence, for unloading and unwrapping.

Share a Container Service:

Sharing a container reduces the cost of shipping as you only pay for the space you need. If you only have some personal belongs to ship or a small volume of furniture then groupage or a share a container service is the cheapest way to ship your personal effects & furniture to New Zealand, as you will only pay for the space your goods occupy in the shipping container. Imove will pack your effects in your home on an agreed date. Your goods will then be transported to our warehouse to be grouped into a shipping container with other clients shipping to New Zealand. We will advise shipping dates, on arrival of your goods in New Zealand the container will be customs cleared and our agent will make arrangements to delivery your goods to your new home in New Zealand.

Costs of shipping to New Zealand

Prices for shipping to New Zealand are dependent upon the amount of furniture, household goods and personal items you have to move.  We measure the items and work out the volume in either cubic feet or cubic metres.  Prices are then based on the amount of space your goods will take up in the shipping container. Other factors that affect the cost of the removal and shipping to New Zealand are the amount of export packing required, cost of the ocean freight, and delivery agent’s costs in New Zealand. Prices also take into consideration the service level required, whether you require a box packing service or if you are packing yourself, whether you require an un-packing service or a straight forward delivery into rooms designated by you. You may require a special crating service, parking suspensions, ladder lifts, transhipment vehicles all these costs will be factored into your removal quotation.

Quotes for shipping to New Zealand.

For a free quote for your removals and shipping to New Zealand complete our quotation request form.  The quote lists typical items room by room just fill in the quantities and the form will calculate a volume.  We aim to process your quotation within 24 to 48 hours. 


In order to save costs many people opt to pack their own boxes, cartons, or cases in preparation for their international move. It will certainly save on the removal company’s labour costs.  It is important to remember that your goods are going to travel a good distance to New Zealand and that the packing cartons and boxes should be of good quality. Double wall cartons are the best.  Removals Industry suppliers sell removal quality boxes at very reasonable prices. When packing your own cartons and boxes for shipping you will need to make a note of the contents of each box for the inventory/packing list that will need to be prepared for the New Zealand Customs Authorities. You should also bear in mind that owner packed goods will not be covered for damage and breakages by the Removal Companies insurance policy.

Export Packing Service:

Imove provides specialist export packing and wrapping of your possessions. When you are moving overseas you will want to ensure that your furniture and personal effects arrive in the same condition as they left. Our packers are all experts in export packing and loading containers for safe transit across the world. For items of high value we can provide custom built crates. Take a look at our packing gallery.

Vessel Transit Times:

Vessel transit times vary and are dependent upon which Shipping Line used to ship your goods and the ships route in its way to New Zealand.  Expect a transit time on the water of anywhere between 32 – 52 days.

Items which should NOT be included in your shipment to New Zealand;

The following items must not be included in your shipment to New Zealand: narcotics, drugs, any items made from endangered species, pornographic books and magazines, any weapons that are designed or disguised to give the appearance of something else such as flick knives or swordsticks. There are also strict regulations and restrictions on the import of canned or dried meat, spices, honey, dairy and egg products, feathers, fish, fruit, vegetables, seeds, live plants and live insects. These items should not be imported without seeking professional advice.    If any of the above items are found in the consignment they can be destroyed at the owner’s expense. In some cases, further action could follow.


The documentary requirements for shipments to New Zealand include:
Copies of your passport,
Completed New Zealand customs forms
Baggage MAF enhancement document form (Completed in New Zealand when your belongings arrive)
Bill of Lading (supplied by Imove)
Inventory/packing list of the goods shipped
New Zealand customs forms can be downloaded from this page.

If you have any questions regarding our professional export packing service, customs clearance procedures, or questions on what to take, speak to an experienced IMOVE Move Coordinator who has extensive knowledge and experience of shipping to New Zealand and will plan everything for you from providing the initial quotation, packing and collection right through to delivery to your new home in New Zealand.

We can also assist with any storage requirements you may have either in the UK or in New Zealand.

For a very competitive quotation for your removal and shipping to New Zealand call Imove on 0800-998-7024 or complete our online quote request form.

Call today for a FREE quote 0800 998 7024

Imove International Removals Ltd is rated 4.36 stars by based on 90 merchant reviews

4.36 / 5 Rating
90 Reviews
Highly recommend IMove International Removals Ltd. used them to bring us out to Dubai and then back in recent years. Cracking service and helpful team in Dubai and in the UK who answered all queries. Great packers and shipment arrived near enough exactly when they said it would (luckily no hassle at customs). Happy to recommend. J-MC
I went to great lengths to explain to [Staff Member] about the access limitations to my house which wouldn't allow a large furniture truck. Even sent him photographs and guided him to find us on Google Earth. All to absolutely no avail, I might as well have been talking to the wall in the office, the notice he took. The company has refused to acknowledge my e-mails and calls since, and what is even worse, a couple of items got broken (which is why we pay insurance). They have refused to give me their Insurer's details... one has to wonder if the insurance funds were actually paid on by Imove. I am out of pocket by having to hire at very short notice, local transport to shuttle my stuff from the main trunk road up to my home. The actual movers who were sub-contracted by Imove could not have been more helpful, but the reality is no way could they get to my house with their Road-train truck. The IMove company is just a front desk, there is no substance behind it and the level of service once they have your money is diabolical. Trading Standards will be informed, certainly with regard to the apparent non-payment of the Insurance fee.
Never used this company, the packing people stolen my daughter smartTV, my new hair straightening, my husband brand staff for gym , everything worth about £2000 Disappointed